All the ways to do everyday banking with us, and how we make it easier for you.

Helpful services

We always try to find new ways to make banking simple, and to give more support when you need it. Take a look at some of the things we do to help make it easier to bank with us.

Here you can find out more about the different options available. If you don’t see something you need, please get in touch to let us know.

Other support

We try to make sure banking is easy for people of all abilities and needs. We’ll gladly give you any support we can. It’s the same if you have a disability, illness or impairment, or are going through a difficult time. Read our guides to find out more about the support we can offer.

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Investment banking

Internet Banking
Keep track of your money, make payments and see your statements. Internet Banking is safe, secure and easy.

Safe – we do all we can to protect you from fraud. Our online guarantee gives you peace of mind
Secure – our systems keep your money safe and your details private
Easy – move money and pay bills in a few simple steps
Optimised – work on your computer, tablet and mobile.
Internet Banking saves you the trouble of getting to a branch or Cashpoint® machine. It helps you keep track if you’re worried about fraud. And you can do your banking when it suits you.

Our site works with screen-readers and assistive browsers. 

Paper-free statements

Get electronic versions of your statements and other bank letters. We’ll keep them online for you to read, print or save when you need to.

For most of our current accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and loans
Cut down on paper waste and filing – and keep it all safe and secure in Internet Banking
Use online search to find payments quickly and easily by date, amount or type
Read or search online statements with your screen-reader, if you find it difficult to read paper versions.

Mobile Alerts

Free text messages to help you look after your bank account.

Read or search online statements with your screen-reader, if you find it difficult to read paper versions.

Find out when your main regular money goes in.
Know when your balance is low or when you’re near your limit.
You must register a mobile number with us and opt in to get text alerts.

Contactless payments

Make small payments without using your PIN.

You can make payments of up to £30 without using your PIN. All you need is your bank card with the same symbol, and you can just tap to pay. It’s useful if you make small purchases, or are sometimes unsure of your PIN. Many shops, restaurants, and businesses have contactless reader devices which make transactions faster and smoother. You’ll still need to use your PIN for payments over £30 and where contactless is not available.

Mobile payments

Make contactless payments using just your mobile. It’s simple, safe and secure – and means you don’t always need your card or PIN with you. Card and device restrictions may apply, so be sure to find out more.

Pay a Contact
Send or receive money with just a mobile number, instead of account details.

Pay a Contact is the simple and safe way to pay friends or family – without needing cash or account details. You can pay people with our mobile app. It’s a fuss-free way to split a restaurant bill, or get paid back something you’re owed. And it means you don’t need to get your cash out or share your bank details.

Telephone Banking
You can do most of your banking quickly and easily by calling us. You can:

Access all your accounts
Transfer money
Pay your bills
Apply for an overdraft, loan or credit card
Book an appointment at a branch.
We’re here to listen and will help as best we can. You can contact us in whichever way most suits you.

Call us using the app and your registered mobile number. You’ll already be securely logged on, so there’s no need to remember any passwords. Plus, as you’ve already chosen the type of query, we can get talking to you much faster. Learn more about calling from the app.

Or, you can call us direct at any time on +44.

If you need to call us from abroad, you can call us on +44 .

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